GM:S 1.1.872

GameMaker: Studio has been updated again, now to version 1.1.872

This latest updated doesn’t add much, rather is just a ‘maintenance‘ update to fix bugs, address some issues, and improve performance. Always welcome.




Major changes in 1.1.872:

  • Fixes to windows rendering issue, will also help speed up all other platforms.
  • Progress on the “hang” on loading hiscores, but still not completely fixed for many.
  • Fix for texture group crashes
  • Release notes pruned, please find OLD release notes here: Old Release Notes
  • Micro Web server now uses the users port correctly.
  • Android audio glitch when switching away from app, has been fixed fixed
  • Mac language detection fixed
  • Particles sped up a little
  • Extension DLLs and timelines now work properly with asset caching


If you run into issues, bugs, or questions, be sure to leave a comment, or post your bugs on the official GameMaker: Studio Bug Tracker.

As always you can find the latest details for the update here: GM:S Release Notes

2 Responses to “GM:S 1.1.872”

  1. Dominoed says:

    Should that be:

    Android audio glitch when switching away from app, has been fixed

    • GMDeveloper says:

      It should be, however I list the reported changes *exactly* how YYG sends them out. They are notorious for typos and spelling errors in their documentation, so it’s just something we are familiar with. I would love to make corrections myself, but I don’t want to relay information that might in inaccurate if they are determined to release that content as “official.” Rock and a hard place. :)

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